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Question: Symphony No. 4 (Mendelssohn)

From Vincent:

Dear Marcos Machado, could you record the excerpts of the Italian symphony by Mendelssohn with 4 fingers technique? Thank you


Dear professor, I would like to see how you think 2 excerpts from the allegro vivace movement. The first one is 164-180 and the second is from 222-235! Thank you so much for the answer



Answering Vincent's question about the last movement of the Italian Symphony by Mendelssohn.

To achieve a beautiful legato, please observe the anticipation (crab) between the B and C fingered 1-4 (ala Bottesini) and also the bridge between the fourth A-E.

Finally, thank you for all the fantastic feedback. I appreciate the suggestions and offers about doing highly produced videos, but these short videos are aimed just to answer questions about the Tao of Bass quickly. Remember, these are homemade videos, listen to it using headphones. Best wishes to all.

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