March 4, 2017

Good morning! Thank you for the many emails commenting and asking about the Tan Dun Concerto. Many of you asked me a "higher" camera angle showing the chromatic passage from the Concerto. Rather, here is a short video where I'm working on exercise 3.120 from the Tao of...

March 3, 2017

Learning the beautiful Tan Dun concerto for the upcoming performance with the University of New Mexico Symphony orchestra on April 4th.

March 3, 2017

Jason Heath interviews Marcos Machado.

"Marcos Machado is in the middle of launching his excellent and fascinating series Tao of Bass.  I saw this book pop up in my Facebook feed in the fall, and I got in touch with Marcos to do an interview about this project....

February 18, 2017

From Vincent:

Dear Marcos Machado, could you record the excerpts of the Italian symphony by Mendelssohn with 4 fingers technique? Thank you


Dear professor, I would like to see how you think 2 excerpts from the allegro vivace movement. The first one is 164-180 and th...

February 11, 2017

From Guilherme:

Prof. Marcos, how do you play the excerpt Smetana "Overture to the bartered bride" ? Do you have any exercise that can be applied to that excerpt ?

Dear Guilherme,
Thank you for your question. I just finished my practice session and looked at the Smetana....

February 6, 2017

The exercises and concepts found in the books* will make orchestral playing super easy and fun.

This is a short excerpt from Mozart's Symphony No. 39.

*Tao of Bass has four volumes: 
Volume I, The Left Hand (Published in 2016)
Volume II, Scales, Arpeggios, Chromatic Exer...

February 3, 2017

Great way to start the day. Revising volume 2 of Tao of Bass.

February 1, 2017

Great way to start the day. Revising volume 2 of Tao of Bass, then Bach cello suites and off to teach.

November 27, 2016

Some fun during Thanksgiving holiday. Testing some recording equipment with my former student Guilherme Zils. Bach, Billé Caprice and Paganini Caprice coming up next.

Hans Fryba Prelude, Nov 2016

November 23, 2016

From Vincent:

Dear professor Marcos, could you explain the hand movement of the exercise 3.112 " fan from the top"?

Good morning Vincent!
Thank ypu for the question. Please check the video concerning your question. In chapter 3 there are a few exercises that use the Fan...

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