November 12, 2016



After more than 20 years of writing, this book takes form thanks to a sabbatical leave granted by the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) School of Music and to the assistance of double bass students. I am deeply grateful to you all. The second volume of this work is forthcoming in 2017.


Teaching wonderful students at the University of Southern Mississippi is a constant source of inspiration. My gratitude to all double bass students, alumni, faculty and USM administrators. It is my hope that you will find in this book a path that is appropriate for you and will help guide your technical development.


Photo of Marcos Machado with current bass students (Fall 2016) L-R: Nathaniel De la Cruz, Santiago Zorrilla, Roberto Pineda, Vincent D’elia, Marcos Machado, Guilherme Oliveira, Gonzalo Kochi, Sergio Flores, Carlos Valdez, Javier Barreto, David Pellow. Not pictured: William Valencia.


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